Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 7

July 13, 2010

35º 25' N, 160º 35' W

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The first thing to happen today was seeing a bunch of dolphins off the starboard side. There were at least a dozen of them leaping out of one wave and into the other. Very cool. I don't think good pictures could have been taken of it since it was gray and overcast. It was a very impressive sight to be there.

Other than that it's just the same old routine. If the passage takes 21 days we're one third done... if it takes 28 days we're a quarter done. Either way we're now past a good chunk of the trip and no longer starting out. I've settled into a pretty normal routine: Wake up, make coffee, move bowels, hang out in the cockpit, do my daytime watch, read about celestial navigation (which is complicated by the way), write a bit, then eventually fall asleep, then wake up for night shift, go to bed. Repeat as needed.

I wonder what Stacey is doing today. Hopefully she's having fun and staying well fed.

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